Rest is a weapon

I believe that this blog is, in a sense, the bringing together of the last 3, that is,  stillness, presence and faith. I have given it the title REST IS A WEAPON because in my experience, our enemy, the devil, wants nothing more than for us to be stressed, too busy, anxious, fearful and overwhelmed.  When we are in that kind of state, we have taken our eyes off Jesus - you could say that the situation has become bigger to us, than HE IS!

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Steve Smith
Rest is Presence

I believe that it is this rest that sets us apart as God’s people, from all the other people on the earth - it is the presence of God with us, in our traumas and in our struggles, that gives us the ability to rest, to exhibit peace and grace and calm, against all the odds.

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Spirituality, Lucinda Smith
Rest is Stillness

I believe that the issues that drive us in this way are complex, and multi factorial, but there is a way to help ourselves - there is a way to slow down, there is a way to live from rest, to create an oasis in the chaos of what is often actually a desert life style. 

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