My passion for all followers of Jesus is that they enjoy abundant lives, as promised by Him in John 10 v 10.  So many don’t.  Too many are crippled by insecurities, anxiety, doubts, guilt and fear. From my own journey as a missionary in Pakistan, from many years of  mentoring young women, and from praying on a one to one basis for people’s deeper issues, I seeks to answer the questions, why is this, and how can we find true and lasting freedom?


If we are to live full and satisfied lives, it is my belief that there are 3 main areas of identity that need addressing. If these are not understood within a Biblical framework of belief, then in my experience, we will often live diminished and small lives. 

The 3 areas of IDENTITY that I love to address are detailed below. Each talk lasts about 40 minutes. I can adapt these to suit your timing and the needs of the group, and can condense or expand the teaching. Typically, for example, a women’s breakfast talk would cover all aspects but briefly, and within the time framework of approximately 45 minutes.

  1. WHO IS GOD? (what is He like? what do we really think of Him? Can He be trusted?)

  2. WHO IS OUR ENEMY? (How does he attack us? How powerful is he? Can we really live from victory all the time?)

  3. WHO AM I? (What defines me? Who do I say I am? Does it matter?)