I have been walking with Jesus since I was 21 years old - I’m 60 in September, but it has only been in the last 5 years or so, that I can truly say that I know what He means when Jesus promises us freedom - a real, deep sense of freedom that flies in the face of adversity and difficult circumstances. The verse I’m thinking about is this one, and it’s found in Galatians, chapter 5 v 1, ‘it was for freedom, that Christ has set us free’.


Have you ever read a verse and not really stopped to consider what it really means and whether it’s true, or not, for you, anyway? This verse, among others, sets us apart as Jesus followers - if the freedom that He offers enables me not to have to think, behave or feel in certain ways that potentially hold me back and keep me captive, then I’m all in!

Depression, feelings of low self esteem, unworthiness and hopelessness had dogged me on and off for many years - they had cut short my dream of being a medical missionary, they had me crippled and living a small and diminished life.  You might not have seen this from the outside, had you known me in those days, but I knew what was going on deep down.

This journey of discovery began with the realisation that my life did not match the abundant life described by Jesus in the gospels, where joy and life and peace can flourish. I often asked myself, ‘is this it? Is the life I’m living, the life that Jesus died to give me?’ I knew the answer was a resounding NO.  The road I have pursued has taken me to all kinds of places, and I have walked it, sometimes halteringly, other times with tenacity and with determination. 

The story I have to tell is not mine alone, for, surely, in our shared humanity, it is yours, too.  If, at last, I have found a place of deep peace, free from fear, if Jesus has given me the keys to this freedom, and they are ancient indeed, then they are also yours for the taking.

The testimony of Jesus IS the spirit of prophecy (Rev 12 v 19), so in my story, there IS truth and revelation for you too - take it and run with it! If He can do it for me, He can do it for you!